Video for Demo Day

The deadline to deliver my video submission (9-minutes max) is 11:59 pm CT on Sunday, January 9th, 2022. via this Dropbox link:

This video consists of you walking us through your investor pitch deck for no more than nine (9) minutes

The core aspect of the Newchip Online Demo Day is the actual video stream which is presented live on our platform to investors. This video consists of you walking us through your investor pitch deck for no more than nine (9) minutes – you are encouraged to use the whole time! Think about the video as a voice-over, screen-capture presentation where we see your pitch deck on the screen and hear your voice narrate the opportunity your company represents.


Recommended Tool for Recording Slide Deck Presentation: Loom

We recommend you use ​Loom​ for producing your slide deck pitch presentation. Loom is a free software solution that simplifies video recording of screen and cam. For the purpose of Newchip Online Demo Day, Loom is an effective tool to use for the slide deck presentation because it allows you to deliver your full pitch while also recording your voice.

Below is an example of the typical experience and interaction Loom allows. Note: You do not have to include your webcam image in the presentation. Instead, you can simply opt for the desktop capture only. We just need to hear your voice as you guide the presentation for the entirety of the nine (9) minutes max. Also, make sure that you deliver your pitch in presentation mode – we don’t want to see anything on the screen other than your pitch deck presentation.

Once you finish recording your slide deck presentation, please download the file at 720p video quality and rename it using the Slide Deck naming convention noted in the next section. For more info on how to download your final Loom presentation, read this article​.

Remember: For strict regulatory reasons, you are not allowed to include an Investment Ask or Raise Amount slide in the pitch deck that you use for your video presentation. In other words, when you are preparing the video presentation for Online Demo Day participation, you must exclude the Investment Ask/Raise Amount slide from the pitch deck. Please keep this in mind when preparing your video presentation as your submission will be incomplete if you include this slide.

File Naming Conventions

To ensure that your files are received, cataloged, and programmed properly, please use the following conventions when naming your files: CompanyName_FirstNameLastName_OnlineDemoDay2020Q2


For more info on using Loom, click here


Examples of Pitch Deck Video Presentations

Below are a few examples of pitch deck video presentations used in previous Newchip Online Demo Days. Note: these videos are using an outdated format for our event, where they were required to include a three-minute introduction video where they spoke to the camera and their pitch deck presentation was allotted a max of 23 minutes. The rules are now different since there is no intro video required and the max time you have to present is nine minutes. Please use these presentations for influence and inspiration.

Click on the little blue dot in the video cursor to jump directly to the pitch deck presentation.