Startup Press Release Template Repository

Armando Vera Carvajal  July 14, 2021
This repository contains a diversity of press release templates which you can use to share a powerful story about the development and evolution of your company, including your entry and graduation from the Newchip Accelerator.

You are not required to send out any press release templates as part of your engagement in the accelerator but you are encouraged to do so in order to build up the online presence of your company.

Moreover, please note that you do not need to complete or submit any of the following templates as an assignment. These resources are simply here to help you drive attention and momentum for your brand.

You are highly encouraged to use these templates as a base example AND to customize the content for your specific needs by adding additional information and context to make your press release unique.

To customize any of these templates for your company use, just open and download a copy of the Google Doc file. Then, feel free to make and save any edits on your own copied version. Please do not request “Edit” access to the original files linked below.

Newchip Accelerator Acceptance Templates

Newchip Accelerator Graduation Templates

Company Milestone Templates

Fundraising Campaign Templates