Populating Your Web Presence

Armando Vera Carvajal July 20, 2019

You have to have a web presence to be “legitimate” to investors. You want them to find a working website, articles, and mentions of you in a positive light on the first two pages of Google.

You also need to clean up your personal web presence, whether it’s trolling the President or that funny meme from 2008, what’s on the web is basically permanent but if you start now you can start cleaning up your online presence and positioning what remains in a positive light.

Now that we live in a PR world, you have to not only worry about your startup’s PR image, but also your own. It’s not required for success, but it’s a high correlative with success if you start setting the stage as a thought leader through content postings on Linkedin, Medium, your website, and generally creating a positive internet presence to you being an expert in your field.

One of the tools you can

use for free PR is Everipedia – it’s like the millennial Wikipedia.