Overview of Click IT Manager

Duct Taping Software Apps Together
  • STOP duct-taping apps together into proprietary systems!

  • STOP your leaky sales buckets losing you money!


Click IT Manager is an online sales management software application that offers an all-in-one marketing platform for managing leads and clients at all stages of the sales journey. With Click IT Manager, businesses can capture, nurture, track, and close leads, while also benefiting from reporting and analytics.

The application provides multiple ways to capture leads, including landing pages, forms, surveys, an inbound phone system, social media, and online scheduling calendars. By bringing all leads into one place, businesses can better communicate with and understand their leads.

Click IT Manager also offers lead nurturing capabilities through automation based on actions taken within the software. This includes the ability to send voicemails, forced calls, SMS, MMS, emails, and messages on Facebook, Instagram, and eventually WhatsApp. By automating lead nurturing, businesses can send targeted messages based on specific actions taken by leads, increasing the effectiveness of email marketing.

The application also allows for lead tracking, giving businesses a better understanding of their leads' behavior and interests. By having all of this data in one place, businesses can make more informed decisions and avoid emotional decision-making based on incomplete information.

In addition to lead management, Click IT Manager also offers fulfillment

capabilities through a member’s area and customer portal. The application also provides reporting and analytics for Facebook ads, Google ads, TikTok, call reports, reputation management, email statistics, and funnel stats.

With its comprehensive features and benefits, Click IT Manager offers businesses the opportunity to streamline their processes, save time and money, and create an ecosystem of services and software. The application eliminates the need for businesses to use multiple systems and tools, leading to greater organization, efficiency, and profitability.

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Chart of Expenses Replaced by Click IT Manager App

Chart of Expenses Replaced by Click IT Manager App

Case Study

For the past several years before Click IT Manager, we initially started using HubSpot to manage our leads for our Click IT franchise network since we couldn’t justify the cost of Salesforce. HubSpot, however, eventually wanted to charge us over $2,500 for their enterprise version, which was needed to get the level of functionality needed. We said, “No.”, and at that time, went through the expense and time to move all this functionality off of HubSpot and onto Pipedrive, which was a lot less monthly. But then, we realized what additional functionality was missing and still required, so we started to incorporate (and pay for) additional apps, such as Outfunnel, Mailchimp, Zapier, Lucidchart, Calendly, Kixie, and Clickfunnels. Zapier, too was needed to tie it all together and function properly inside our automated workflows. We accomplished all the functionality we needed, but it took us two developers and weeks into months to get it all to work properly in the manner imagined and needed. And while the price was cheaper than HubSpot, it still added up to well over $1,000 per month, not including the maintenance and stress caused when something broke, which was often. See chart.

Believe me; you want to avoid duck-taping together a bevy of apps where you have to hire a company full of developers to do it. Click IT Manager is the best solution, and for the price, is an incredible bargain.

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