KPIs for Demo Day

You are required to update Newchip with a specific set of KPIs for participation in the Online Demo Day. These KPIs are shared with all investors who attend the event along with your pitch deck and one-pager PDF documents as well as basic company information and contact details.

It is important that these KPIs are complete and as accurate as possible because most investors tend to evaluate startup investments with this preliminary subset of data. The list below notes which KPIs, among others, you will be asked to share:

  • Any notable and/or recent milestone that your company recently hit
  • Total amount of capital have your raised to date (Do not include money you personally have contributed)
  • Valuation at which you are currently raising
  • Total revenue to date
  • Current Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) – if you have no revenue put 0, if your revenue is unstable then use an average
  • Current Month over Month (MoM) MRR Growth Rate as a percentage – you can use your expected 12-month forward growth rate or your historical 3-month average growth rate
  • Current User/Customer Count – if you don’t have either, give us your engagement numbers (ie, FB followers, newsletter subscribers, etc)
  • Growth rate for current user/customer count, expressed as a percentage
  • Conversion rate (ie, user to customer, non-paying to paying. This is the number at the end of your funnel. Use 0 if you are not there yet
  • Current Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) – what does it cost to get someone to give you money for the first time? Formula: Total marketing spend/customers
  • Average gross margin across all the products you sell (note: this is a weighted average). For “as a service” companies, list your customer lifetime value

Typically, the Newchip Investor Relations (IR) team will reach out to companies applying for the Online Demo Day with a form to collect this data. Note that data collection methods may change as the IR function evolves its systems and processes.

For any guidance on these KPIs, please consult your mentor or advisor. Remember that these KPIS are essential to providing potential investors with a solid snapshot of your company. So please make sure your numbers are generally accurate and position your company as a good investment.