How to Send Out a Press Release

Armando Vera Carvajal July 15, 2019

How to Send Out a Press Release

The following is a recommended workflow for distributing press releases using GlobeNewswire, one of the largest newswire distribution networks, which is used to reach traditional and social media audiences around the world. This kind of platform can also be used to make disclosure filings, boost the visibility of your company news, and also grant access to a suite of premium services.

Although Newchip uses West GlobeNewswire for its company press releases, you are free to use similar platforms like Cision PR Newswire, Business Wire, Newswire, PR Underground, 24-7 Press Release Newswire, and Accesswire, among others.

Quick Steps to Sending out Your Press Release Using West GlobeNewswire

  1. Register on the West GlobeNewswire platform. It’s free to register for a News Release account. You only pay for the press release distribution services you select.
  2. Once you have created and logged into your account, put your mouse over the “Start a New Job” button at the top right of your screen and select “Self Service” on the drop-down menu. Note: For optimum display, use Chrome as your uploading browser.
  3. The rest of the process is pretty straightforward – select distribution, upload your files, select a schedule for your release, and include any special notes that may be pertinent to your specific press release job.
    1. Since you are likely pushing out this particular press release to announce your involvement (ie, admission, graduation, special achievement, key partnership) with Newchip, we suggest you opt for DIY – Expanded Web distribution, under the Distribution tab with a focus on North America, or your respective region.
    2. Note: The price of your press release will vary depending on the type, scope, and distribution focus you select. This is why we typically opt for the DIY – Expanded Web distribution – it’s cost efficient and effective in getting across the news web.
  4. You are encouraged to add Release Tags to your press release. These are specific keywords associated with your industry and business. We also suggest you include a few Release Tags related to the Newchip Accelerator (ie, Newchip, Accelerator, Startup Funding, Crowdinvesting).
    1. It is also recommended that you include Related Links with your press release, so that your can drive traffic to your company website. As a courtesy, feel free to also include a Related Link to the Newchip Accelerator website (
  5. Before you submit your press release, make sure to format your job correctly using the tools in the platform interface. In the case of West GlobeNewswire, you can remove the City, State – Date component at the start of your actual press release draft that you upload because the New Job interface will prompt you to list the specific City, State, and Date to list. If you don’t remove this info from your .docx file before you upload, you will have double Location/Date signatures at the top of the press release. Similarly, you can upload your company logo through the New Job interface – just remember to remove your logo from the .docx file before uploading the job. The last key formatting component is adding your relevant contact info, in case that a specific news outlet or journalist/reporter wishes to contact you for special coverage. Make sure to Preview your press release job before submitting. Review the formatting, proofread your press release thoroughly, and verify that all website links work correctly. Once you submit a press release, you have a very limited window of time to make any changes. After the platform pushes it out into the public, the only way to make changes is by sending out a new press release with the same content, specific additions/changes, and a heading that states Updated Release. This is why it’s important that you review before submitting.
  6. Once you submit a press release, you will receive a validation code confirming your press release submission. You may receive this code via email, SMS text message or both methods. The press release will be fully executed once you submit the special code. Note: you will, typically, receive a time frame of less than ten minutes to submit this code.
  7. Once your content (ie, press release) is on the wire, out in the public, it is in your best interest to drive its reach through your network. A good best practice here is to post your press releases in a special page on your company website (ie, Media, News, Press, or something to that effect). Doing this establishes credibility with site visitors, namely potential investors, when they see that you have been pushing official statements through a press release. We highly recommend you share on your social networks any press release of yours that is picked up by a third-party. For example, if your press release is picked up and shared by MSNBC, then by all means share a link to the MSNBC article of your press release across all relevant social networks (ie, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) It is also of great impact and value when you add these third-party articles to your company website – again, to boost your company brand credibility and SEO.If you opt for immediate distribution of your press release, you can expect to see it on the wire within 24-48 hours. Otherwise, you can select a specific date on which to release to the public. Once your press release is on the wire, you can check on your main account page once the release is Live. Most platforms will also give you some extended access to data points and visualizations regarding your distribution making it easy for you to see which specific media sources picked up your release.