Announcing the Close of Your Fundraising Round

Armando Vera Carvajal July 14, 2021
The successful closure of a funding round is an exciting time in a company’s growth cycle. It’s an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the traction and successes that your company has experienced. If you’ve raised a pre-Seed round, it’s a great time to introduce your business with real impact. At a later stage, it represents a chance to reintroduce your business, re-engage with key media and reignite interest among potential customers and future investors for your next round.

However, there are some key things to bear in mind when it comes to leveraging your announcement for business growth.

Discuss with Investors. Having a quote from a well-known investor can be a powerful tool to help increase credibility and showcase your business’s overall potential. Make sure to follow best practices in getting quotes approved.

Include Important Details. When pitching a fundraising story, the following information will be expected from a journalist’s point of view.

  • Round size raised
  • High-profile investors in the round
  • Lead investor in the round
  • What the investment will help you facilitate as a business

Media List. Once you have an announcement release finalized, split your media list up by sector: local publications, industry trades, and other national trades which may cover your release. Make sure to customize your email pitches–tailoring each to the lists. For more information on pitching media, see the media pitching best practices document.

Timing is Everything. The date you close your round is not the date on which you need to publish your release. You can publish your funding press release to coincide with an industry conference, event or another key ‘moment’ for your business, such as a new product launch. While it’s generally not good practice to delay announcements for too long, it isn’t usually a problem to announce a few weeks to a month after a round has closed. It is also important to ensure that your business is ready for the extra traffic and that you have everything prepared for publicity.

Harness the News. Make sure to further amplify any press coverage to your database as well as via social media. Click here for more information on leveraging your press coverage for business growth.

You can use this template as an example on how to announce your fundraising round close.